What we do

In 2025 the current building will celebrate its 150th anniversary. By then the Friends of St Giles’ seek to have completed significant projects to preserve and enhance the building and grounds and promote it as a centre for the whole community, regardless of their faith. Check out our brochure for more details.

We don't want the building to be a museum, we want it filled with life. It is already used for lots of community activities, but we want to encourage more and different uses. We put on a series of our own events, such as lectures and Ceilidhs. Find out our latest News.

Our First Completed Project: Update the Sound System
Lectures, concerts and weekly services in St Giles’ are disadvantaged by the poor quality and unreliability of the current sound system. Installing the latest technology will attract bookings and valuable revenue.

Our Next Task: Install dramatic Lighting
The beauty of St Giles’ is obvious, but on a rainy day the current lighting does not bring out the vibrant colours of the paintwork or the texture of carvings. Better lighting will attract more revenue-generating events and enhance this unique interior for all users and visitors. Find out more.

Our 'to do' list

  • Support Community Activities - The Friends wish to support community activities, exhibitions and performances, and to establish a fund to subsidise the cost of hiring the building by low-income charitable groups.
  • Conserve Windows - The windows in St Giles’ were designed by renowned church architects, among them Comper and Kempe. Showing male and female saints representing each century of the past two millennia, they are in need of professional cleaning by experts to reveal their full effect.
  • Restore the Ceiling - The ceiling of the sanctuary of the Church, closest to the altar, is exquisitely painted with angels and floral patterns. Over the decades pollution has caused the colours and the gold leaf to fade, and restoration is needed to bring back their vibrancy.
  • Replace the Heating - A frequent complaint of groups using the Church are the chilly temperatures they have to endure. Even with the heating on full it is very difficult to heat the building efficiently. The current system is coming to the end of its useful life and reparing it is expensive. The Friends would like to see an energy efficient and eco-friendly solution explored, that can keep us warm at minimum cost.
  • Dry the Crypt - The cellar of the Church has been slowly filling with water over the past decades, at times reaching knee-high level. To counter the threat of serious long- term structural damage a pump and special lining need to be installed.