The Community

St Giles’ Church, Cambridge, is at the heart of its community, welcoming those of all faiths and none. A social space for local people, it is also a tourist attraction for visitors to the city. Each year thousands enjoy the concerts, lectures and festivals that take place here. As a place of worship it is used by an Anglican congregation and a Romanian Orthodox parish. In winter the building offers shelter, food and entertainment to local homeless.

The Friends are a secular organisation and legally separate from the parishes who worship at St Giles'. We welcome many other visitors of all ages during the year: Those who are looking for peace and tranquillity in the midst of a busy city, those who attend the events that are held here.

The Friends of St Giles’ wish to restore the building to its former glory and carry out a sensitive programme of modernisation so that it can host larger events, thus generating an income. Although hiring the Church is not expensive we want to subsidise rates for low-income groups. The Friends of St Giles’, and those who use it, are committed to continuing the long tradition of social support for which the Church is known.