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We have a twofold mission: firstly, to protect the fabric of this wonderful building; secondly, to develop it in a sympathetic manner that enables and encourages a wide variety of uses by the whole community, secular and religious. We see these two strands as intertwined and interdependent. 


We are confident that we can get funding for the work on this scheme from large grant-making trusts and foundations. However, to get to that stage, we need your help to employ the best architects and consultants to come up with a scheme worthy of such a historic building and of full benefit to the community.


An attractive, cost-effective venue is much needed in Cambridge and can be created with your help. Such spaces in this city are generally very expensive and out of the reach of small local groups. We plan to develop St Giles’ such that it attracts sufficient income to support itself, whilst continuing to offer a reasonably-priced space for hire. We know that there is the demand. We already host a range of affordable and popular events as part of our promotion of St Giles’, reaching out to different age-groups. 

View the current plans and let us know what you think here

St Giles' near-millennium of history is reflected in the treasures of art and architecture which it displays, but its present plans show that this is no mere museum of church history.

The Rev. Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch Kt

Patron of the Friends of St Giles


Nigel, of Archangel Architects, is one of the country's leading authorities on church reordering, he writes: 'We are delighted to be working with St Giles’ to draw out the huge potential of what is a wonderful building of national importance, to increase its profile within the city, and to welcome more people in to experience all that it has to offer.'


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